Managing Stormwater
in Oregon

The Business of Stormwater Regulation and Compliance

June 25, 2024

Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel

Join us for Oregon’s leading stormwater management conference!

This signature annual event convenes regulated companies, solution providers, and government agencies to explore current topics, best practices, and the most effective solutions in stormwater management.

Conference Agenda

The educational sessions cover basic and advanced topics in the areas of:

  • Stormwater Fundamentals
  • Industrial Stormwater Treatment
  • Municipal & Green Infrastructure
  • Cross Cutting Issues

2024 Keynote Sessions

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Water Quality Program Update

This year’s morning keynote will feature an engaging and informative conversation with Kieran O’Donnell, Interim Deputy Water Quality Administrator, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Kieran will discuss the range of issues being addressed by DEQ’s Water Quality Program and priorities going forward. Topics will include the agency’s Water Quality 2035 Vision and Strategy; the current Water Quality Program Plan; permit updates; responding to the best available science; engaging with stakeholders and partners; and the latest legislative and policy developments.

Sarah Glathar (Moderator)
Principal Environmental Compliance Specialist

Kieran O’Donnell
Interim Deputy Water Quality Administrator
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

PFAS Remediation: Treatment and Solutions

PFAS continues to attract regulatory attention and is the focus of an increasing number of site investigations, developments in remedial technology, and litigations. Moreover, regulated facilities are facing concerns such as shifting regulations, uncertainty around the effectiveness of treatment options, and the legal consequences of non-compliance. Our panel of expert practitioners will share their insights on how to meet these challenges from various perspectives including regulatory, legal, and the latest technologies and techniques for management and cleanup.

Kevin Sheehan (Moderator)
Regional Project Coordinator
Clear Creek Systems

Rick Gillespie

Chief Commercial Officer

Revive Environmental

Kevin Weberling, PG

Senior Hydrologist

Underground Injection Control Program

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality 

Tiffany Thomas, Ph.D.
Principal Chemist
Haley & Aldrich